@ Sushi Hinata

Haro~!  MIA-ed for a while because was busy with studies though I’m almost finish with that in another week or two. But this aside first~

Out of the blue the sachou decided to have another dinner so off we went to Sushi Hinata so I finally have another quick topic to write about hahaha.

We had this Hinata Set that comes with a 5 course meal. I looked it up and apparently it’s a version of a traditional Japanese full course meal. Freaking awesome!!

First meal_this daikon in yuzu(?!) soup and sashimi. My first prawn sashimi experience! So happy I get to try something new ❤


Friend had this Teriyaki fish as a substitute for the sashimi because she don’t take raw food. The chef decided on this ↓ for her. How thoughtful!


Later that night we had sashimi sushi and hers was substitute with unagi I was so jelly… ( ; A ; )

Chawanmushi’s next on the menu~~ In such a cute porcelain tea cup!



Opened the lid thinking it’s just a normal chawanmushi but was surprise to find that they’re different ‘cuz there’s some soup on top that made it so flavorful.

Yummiest chawanmushi ever!!

I was like how how how they make this??! Then my friend suggested I marry one of the chef so that he’ll cook for me everyday WTF  (= ___ =)

And then, and then! Sashimi sushi~!


\( T▽T /) *choirs of angels singing*

Fish with teriyaki sauce and jellyfish(?!) and mini potato _ another best!


Desert’s pretty simple_slice of pear and persimmon in a flower bowl.


I realized that Japanese seems to like their dessert in small sizes… If it’s me, I can eat like one whole pear and another persimmon after dinner. Glutton me LOLOL

OK, That’s it for nau~~ ヾ(*^▽゚) Jya ne~


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