Happy V Day~!

Happy Valentine’s Day~! \((≧▽≦/)) .。.:*☆

Valentine Choco

Today I gave tomo choco (means tomodachi chocolate or friends chocolates) to my housemates, colleagues hohoho sis too though bro’s not getting any because he is not around :/

Nice o not the packaging? Packed them on my own with goodies bag bought from Daiso (⌒▽⌒)~❤

Valentine Chocs~ バレンタイン チョコ~ @kaichousama.wordpress.com

All of them~~

Valentine's Day Chocolates @kaichousama.wordpress.com

This Valentine also marks the 15th day of CNY or Chap Goh Meh and usually people only open the ang pows we collected throughout this CNY. Not sure why they do so but I opened mine even before Chap Goh Meh hahahaha

This year’s ang pows packets v( ^o^)v This year is the Horse Year so that explains why red packets with horse prints ↓

2014 Horse Year Ang Pow

~ ♥ ~

On another note, I have an event announcement to make~

This year, the Japanese Society of my uni (which I founded) is organizing yet another Bunkasai a.k.a. Japanese School Festival for its 4th consecutive years nau!!

*Intermission* wipes tears of pride and joy

It’ll be held on the 1st of March and you can find details of the events here. Also, the previous years’ Bunkasai photos.

Bunkasai desu~!

Been there for every event for 3 consecutive years now but this year will not be around since my brother’s coming back from Germany for a short break before the new semester begins( ; __ ; )

If you go, please do share with me pics from the events onegai shimasu! Arigatou in advance LOL

And to all da members working hard for the event, Ganbatte ne~!


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