Geo Princess Mimi Contact Lens in Sesame Gray Review


Finally decided to make a review on my all-time favorite contact lens, the Geo Bambi a.k.a. Princess Mimi in Gray which is produce by none other than my favorite Gyaru Queen Tsubasa Masuwaka! 

Super like this lens so much I got another after my last one expire!(*°▽°* )

Bet by now most people would have heard about it already, but for those who haven’t tried/is considering to try, here’s a review for you LOL

#contactlens #macaron #gyaru

Isn’t the pink macaron lens case so cute? Bought the lens from Pinky Paradise and the case comes free with it. Originally the price for a pair is RM75-ish but I manage to grab mine on sale (^o^ v) For a one year disposable lens, it’s affordable.

Anyway, here’s how the lens looks like_thick, black outer ring, light gray color with a yellowish ring in the middle.

#contactlens #macaron #gyaru #GeoPrincessMimi #Bambi #Tsubasa Masuwaka

Before and after wearing the lens~❤

#contactlens #macaron #gyaru #GeoPrincessMimi #Bambi #Tsubasa Masuwaka #graycontactlens

It’s 15mm in diameter therefore the enlarging effect is pretty visible. Yet at the same time it is designed to look oh-so-natural! I even had the same Geo Bambi lens in Apple Green which turns out amazingly natural on the eyes.  Really wished I had a clearer photo from then to share with you (>___<  )

As for comfort level, I’d say this one could be worn up to 6-7 hours provided you don’t wear them daily or your eyes would start to fell irritated.

Anyway, more photos of this lens~ Trying out this mori gal and aegyo-sal combination makeup look though my green liner (Majolica Majorca’s Jeweling Eyes Pencil Liner in Jewel Green) didn’t show up in the pics well.

#contactlens #macaron #gyaru #GeoPrincessMimi #Bambi #Tsubasa Masuwaka #graycontactlens

That’s all for now. Chow~


3 thoughts on “Geo Princess Mimi Contact Lens in Sesame Gray Review

  1. This is crazy but I dont know how to put on contact lenses.. anything that requires touching my eyeballs is a NO for me cos I am scareeeed… hahahaha now i am missing the good side of pretty lenses like this. Sigh!

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