self portrait~


Today I finally get to test out the DSLR camera my bro gave me. My Japanese class exam just over last Monday which went pretty well  hahaha. Now I got more time before my next class starts yayyヽ(⌒o⌒ )ノ

For the sake of camwhoring taking self-portrait, I put on some makeup LOL

Theme is sweet look so I’m using pink color eyeshadow for upper eyelids and for the bottom eyelid I line it with a red eyeshadow. This is the new spring makeup look (according to Japanese magazines la)!

#Makeup #Gyaru #MOTD #Cosmetics #Beauty #Maybelline

Close up~~ Just realized my falsies came loose at the corner (=___= )

I still suck at applying them… *sigh*

#Makeup #Gyaru #MOTD #Cosmetics #Beauty #Maybelline

Both the pink and red color eyeshadow is from my new Maybelline Hyper Diamond Eyeshadow in PK-1.

#Makeup #Cosmetics

Alright. Last photo for today~

This is my FAVORITE Self-Portrait Of the Day #SOTD which I edited out my pores, smooth my skin and then add filter. The result I SUPER love! Decided to use this pic as my new blog profile photo (*⌒∇⌒*)-❤

#Makeup #Gyaru #MOTD #SOTD #Cosmetics #Beauty #Maybelline

What do you think about this my #SOTD?


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