May Shopping Haul


Just another micropost to keep you occupied while I edit the photos for my awesome mini photobook which I will published later when I’m done.

OOTD snap with my new dress from Kitschen~ Super like the otona floral print, I’m glad I bought it, some more it’s less than RM40! The one on the right, I pair it with my Bershka pastel lemon yellow cardigan. My first pastel colored cardigan wth

And oh, I’m on  ☆TagBrand ☆!

Posted several of my OOTD shots there already, sorta hooked hahaha.Tell me if you have an account there, I would love to check your photos out ヽ(⌒o⌒ ノ ).。.:*☆

Besides TagBrand, I recently and finally made a Facebook page for my blog and that will somewhat serve as a platform to utilize my Japanese hahaha. Too lazy to open a separate Japanese blog which I initially planned to do. Too many accounts to handle, too mafan! Anyway, here are the links to my accounts, also available on the sidebar~




Please add me~! Thanks in advanced (*⌒∇⌒*)



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