my new baby ;D

Yeap, I got myself a new camera~! (*°▽°*)♪

my new toy #casio #zr1200

I’ve been wanting to get myself one forever!

And, you know what? I got this camera online from Lazada!

Online shopping is sorta a no big deal for me considering I buy lotsa clothes online but buying a RM800++ camera online is definitely the first. Risky option too considering I don’t have the option of testing the camera and I had to pay upfront, no COD (>Д< ) Initially I was very paranoid thinking what if the camera didn’t arrive or what if it has defect and all. I asked my sibs and they assured me they and some of their friends had bought items costing hundred over ringgit from Lazada before and they didn’t seem to have any issues whatsoever.

I went ahead and tried anyway, since the price of the model I want is lower than retail price. I doubled, tripled check _ actually I checked half a dozen times _ to make sure the seller I got from have good ratings before placing my order.

Thank goodness it arrived exactly 3 days and in good condition to boot!ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ So happyy~~

These are the items that came in my parcel.

my haul from Lazada Malaysia


casio #zr1100 a.k.a. #zr1200

#zr1200 camera

My only complain is that I didn’t get a Wifi card. Apparently they’ll provide you with one if you buy them in retail stores but that also means you have to pay the retail price which for this model will cost you RM1400++, I checked. And oh, the camera bag’s quality is so-so too. But for the price I’m getting the entire set, I guess I’m not in the position to complain too much? LOL

I’ve been testing my camera now and then ever since I got it and so far so good! Loving quite a number of this camera features. Would love to share more about them but I guess I’ll be leaving it for another blog post ☆~(≥vO)

Alrightyy, for now, good night!


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