Hada Labo Deep Moisturizing Hand Cream Review

Hada Labo Moisturizing Hand Cream Review

Today I’ll just be doing a short review for Hada Labo’s Deep Moisturizing Hand Cream in Rose scent. I’ve actually been using this for a while now but didn’t get about to reviewing about it until now.

Truthfully, I’m no fan of hand creams because of my OCD, I tend to wash my hands fairly super often I don’t see a purpose on using one since I have the tendency to  wash them off. However, probably from the constant hand washing and due to dry environment at work from all the air conditioning (It gets freaking cold in the office at times!),  I find myself needing one when the skin on my hands started to peel… (=Д=;)

Hada Labo offers two different type of hand cream_Rose-scented for Deep Moisturizing and Lavender-scented for Whitening purpose.

Hada Labo Hand CreamDescription if you can read Chinese. Don’t ask me to translate, those characters are equally alien language to me!

Though, I did some research on the web and found some information from Hada Labo’s FB page. You’re welcome.

Hada Labo Hand Cream Ingredients

The moisturizing lotion is packed with Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol and 3 kind of rose essential oil. No wonder simply from squeezing just a small dollop onto my hand and I could smell the strong scent of rose! Aside from Vitamin E and Australian Macademia Ternifolia Seed Oil, both the hand cream is packed with Hada Labo’s signature Super Hyaluronic Acid so expect amazing moisturizing result from them!

Hada Labo Hand Cream

Texture-wise, it has a silky-creamy sort of consistency that glides easily when applying. I’m no pro when it comes to hand cream but I find this a bit greasy which sort of temp me to want to wash my hands wthiswrongwithme (=__=)  I actually found a solution to this just recently that is to apply this hand cream before sleeping instead of during the day (⌒▽⌒)v #problemsolved LOL

I know there are probably 101 other choices for hand creams out there which probably have fancier packaging and nicer scents but I wanted something simple and works enough to keep my hands moisturize. Thus, opting to buy this simple Hada Labo hand cream. 

Also, like usual, I’m obsessed with Japanese brand skin care and Hada Labo’s a personal favorite so I didn’t think much before purchasing. At RM19.90 for a 50ml tube (I got mine at RM11.80 on sale if I remember correctly!), it’s quite affordable and works well to tackle my dry hands issue (*´∀`*)


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