I passed my JLPT N3~!

JLPT N3 2015

Super quick update~! If you follow me on my Instagram or Facebook, you probably have seen me posting about this but just for a documentation of a personal accomplishment (Hey, that’s one reason people keep blogs right?), I simply want to brag share it over on my blog as well.

So yesss, I passed my Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N3 level exam!! I know I didn’t score too well but it is a feat that I even pass considering I had to study so much more on my own before sitting for the paper because what I learned from class was definitely not enough to cover that level yet then. Also, I’m SUPER happy because, aside from passing, I am simply proud to accomplish one of my 2015 goals. Hooray!!

Actually I was also looking forward to take JLPT N2 this year but I’m not sure I will be ready_there are just so many more things to cover!_ so I’m postponing it to next year instead #studygoals


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