Twenty five things

I’ve turned 25 as of last Tuesday!

Twinnie and I actually (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))♪

So I spent the weekend before with a small celebration with the twinnie and sis and I took the day off from work on my birthday for an appointment before spending the remaining of the day catching up with few close buddies. Got so tired from all the hangouts I spent the last Haji break (it was a public holiday) on my oh-so-comfy bed and I finished a book called “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in the World That Can’t Stop Talking”.

Probably will be having another celebration with my parents when they come over next month for  my sister’s convo. So it will be a double celebration yayy!

That aside, as I embrace the fact that I have turned a year older wiser, in this post I’m simply listing down the 25 things I have learn throughout the past year:

1) Investing time (and money) in doing what you love is worth it.

2) Instant coffee is err… toxic. Trying to cut down on this LOL

3) Health is important!

4) … so its OK to spend a bit more eating healthy.

5) Family comes first. I guess part of growing up means learning to appreciate your parents for all the things they have and would do for you and to tolerate and love your siblings.

6) Distance & different time zones do not break friendship apart. They strengthen it 😀

7) Budget. Save. Budget.

8) Do the simple things to unwind like lighting a scented candle or going for a walk.

9) Learn to love my body else make positive changes to it!

10) Shopping for my own personal style instead of by trends.

11) Taking care of appearance and yet being comfortable in my own (makeup-less) skin are equally important.

12) Minimalism is golden. Yess, I’m looking into minimalizing my lifestyle (but heck no, my wardrobe stays LOL).

13) Experiences triumph over material items. I really need to travel more!

14) People changes over time.

15) Socializing is important (despite my preference for solitude and tons of me-time). And if my socializing battery runs low, it means I just need to recharge with some drinks with tons of sugar in it.

16) It’s alright to let go of some hobbies/things to do and just focus on a few.

17) Watching TV sometimes are actually OK

18) Everyone has their battles. Sometimes, it is really hard to tell..

19) Eating right makes you feel better. And restaurant/cafe hunting once in a while isn’t too bad.

20) Writing is soothing and character-building (somehow!)

21) On bad days, eat chocolate (≧◡≦)

22) Learning that taking breaks are fine.

23) Focus. To do one thing at a time and completing it.

24) To be thankful with what I have and not forget to count my blessings every day.

25) Being alive is the best gift ever! (*⌒∇⌒*) There are just so many wonderful things yet to discover and learn~ Can’t wait to unlock each and every one of them!


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