reunited with my hp

Today i did the shittiest thing ever and left my phone in a taxi! Decided to take the taxi because I was too impatient to wait for my usual bus ride (Yea, I use public transport a lot). I totally forgot about my phone because duh, work until almost noon! You bet I was so freaked out when I realized it, and I double, triple check the inside of my bag and my cubicle (T___T)

I was so-o worried but truthfully, it was the thought of losing my to do list WTF and having to get a new phone that bugs me. Like hey, I love my current phone number hahahaha.

My colleague and one of the “gang-mate” helped me call my phone and the taxi driver reassured her that he will take care of my phone. He gave her his phone number which I passed to twinnie who immediately contact him and asked the taxi driver to drop by his office. Kudos to dear twinnie~!

Twinnie initially told me that he misunderstood when the taxi driver requested for payment and thought he was demanding for a huge sum. Luckily, that wasn’t the case! On top of that, Mr Taxi Driver even turn up on time_30 minutes as promised to pass my phone to my bro!

I can’t be more grateful and thankful for his honesty m(_ _)m THANK YOU~!! Of course not forgetting my bro and all my friends who tried to help/console me. Now my hp is safe in my bedroom… tossed it onto my bed earlier wth.


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