About Me

Sachiko desu~

Welcome to my blog! ( Ov≤)~☆

I blog about the things that I like_usually recent obsessions and my longtime addiction to Japanese cultures, fashion, food and every other things.

I also write beauty reviews and no surprise, Japanese beauty brands are my favorite!

When I first started this WordPress blog, it was back in the uni days and I was the founder and ‘kaichou’ of the Japanese Cultural Society  which explains my blog’s name hahahaha. That year, the club was named the Best Newcomer Society \(^o^ /).。.:*☆

I’m the sort of gal who just grab the first thing from my wardrobe to wear but I like dressing up and trying different styles and makeups. My favorite are floral prints! I wouldn’t mind spring all year round in my closet XP Still working on revamping my entire wardrobe for a more otona & gyaru style~

Besides blogging part-time, I am also taking up Japanese classes because this is really something I have been wishing to do for a long time now. For that, I’m super grateful.

~ ♥ ~

This year, I’m going all out blogging~!

For that, I’m looking for sponsors for advertorials on my blog (*°▽°*) Should you want me to blog for you, contact me via my email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


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