I’m officially blogging at voguelyvivien.wordpress.com

YES! As the title has suggested, I will no longer be blogging on this site kaichousama.wordpress.com and my new blog address will be


I have been thinking of changing my blog name for a while now, if you consider 2 years plus plus, a while. Took me a long, long time to figure out a new name for my blog. The main reason as to why I’ve been wantng to do so it mostly because over the years the direction of my blog has changed.

Initially this blog is mostly a platform to write about my interest, mostly in Jap cultures, uni activities, cultural/cosplay events and so on. Plus, if some of you anime/manga/Japan culture fans have notice, “kaichousama” is Japanese for “President” or “club president”. And yes, I was, am the proud founder and previous president of the Japanese Society in my uni, the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. JSOC UNMC peeps, hellooooo~!!

Moving on, later I started writing reviews, my personal life stuff like places I go, food I eat and then last year OOTDs, some vlogs, blablabla so much that this blog name doesn’t seem so relevant anymore 😦

So I started looking up for ideas for blog names. I think at one point I notice bloggers started using their own names but I thought mine was too normal WTH. I mean, type “Vivien Tan” and you’ll find thousands of people with the name… And I don’t really want to write my chinese name because, heck, all my life, I only introduce myself as “Vivien Tan” and only a handful of odd people call me by my Chinese name. Banana* wut.. I don’t even know how to write my Chinese name nevermind knowing the meaning behind it. My parents told me a few years back but I didn’t bother to remember. I just remembered them mentioning “the sifu _Chinese Feng Shui Master _ said it’s a good name”. Aha.

*Banana is the fruit symbology commonly used by Malaysian/Singaporean Chinese to describe non-Chinese speaking, English-educated, well, Chinese people. Ha ha ha

I decided it has to at least have a word that starts with “v”. Because I like it this way LOL.

Okla, let me digress a bit and tell you grandmother story the reason behind it. You see, my lucky number has always been 22 or 2 or anything that means “double” because 22nd is my birthdate. September big baby, yayy! Only recently I found there is a corelation between my name and birthday. Coincidently or not, V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet. And in yet another coincident, I was born on the 22nd Sept, “I” being the 9th letter. Now repeat it twice, it spells “Vivi”, which is my nickname my family/bffs/close buddies call me. Not sure if its pure coincident or my mom purposely made that up. Oh and my first 6 numbers in my IC 900922. Very nice number right LOL

Just for fun, I’m including this


In conclusion, yes, it just has to start with a ‘v’! And ‘vogue’ is it!


Vogue means fashionable, so I guess with this name I’m just saying I’m fashionably me or comfortable with being myself 🙂

Grammatically, the –ly for is ‘vougishly’ but it sounds really odd so instead, I made something new up 🙂


During the past weekends, I started transferring my posts (thankfully for WordPress import/export function) but I still would need some time to get the layout and everything else right. I’m considering to blog on a weekly basis (if things don’t get too busy) and make more videos. If you’ve checked out my new blog layout (depending on where you’re reading this post), the footer has my videos in it yayyy

So yess, effective February the 4th, I’ll only be posting at voguelyvivien.wordpress.com.

Before I end today’s post, I want to thank YOU, my freaking awesome readers for reading my blog, seeing how this blog has evolved throughout the past five years (this long already!) and growing together with it wth, did you? But no worries, this is not the end, I’m just bringing it into a new level and of course, I’m taking you along HAHAHAHA


reunited with my hp

Today i did the shittiest thing ever and left my phone in a taxi! Decided to take the taxi because I was too impatient to wait for my usual bus ride (Yea, I use public transport a lot). I totally forgot about my phone because duh, work until almost noon! You bet I was so freaked out when I realized it, and I double, triple check the inside of my bag and my cubicle (T___T)

I was so-o worried but truthfully, it was the thought of losing my to do list WTF and having to get a new phone that bugs me. Like hey, I love my current phone number hahahaha.

My colleague and one of the “gang-mate” helped me call my phone and the taxi driver reassured her that he will take care of my phone. He gave her his phone number which I passed to twinnie who immediately contact him and asked the taxi driver to drop by his office. Kudos to dear twinnie~!

Twinnie initially told me that he misunderstood when the taxi driver requested for payment and thought he was demanding for a huge sum. Luckily, that wasn’t the case! On top of that, Mr Taxi Driver even turn up on time_30 minutes as promised to pass my phone to my bro!

I can’t be more grateful and thankful for his honesty m(_ _)m THANK YOU~!! Of course not forgetting my bro and all my friends who tried to help/console me. Now my hp is safe in my bedroom… tossed it onto my bed earlier wth.